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About Lider

Lider Industrial Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier for mobile phone accessories, original replacement parts as well as repair tools in Guangzhou, China. We offer a wide range of mobile phone or tablet accessories as chargers, data cables, protective covers, leather cases and more. Lider also provides you a full line of cell phone replacement parts and repair tools as orginal replacement LCDs, housings, screwdrivers, OCA machines, SMD rework soldering station,mobile LCD separators and more for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Mi, OnePlus, Sony Ericsson, LG or other android smart phones. 

More than a Decade of Experience in Phone Accessories
Established in year 2006, Lider Industrial Ltd is experienced in designing, manufacturing and shipping. With more than 15 years of experience in this line, we know how to keep the product in quality and save costs for our customers.

Supplying to Target, Samsung & more
We are currently serving 40 clients from accross the world, which include chain stores and band carriers or wholesalers. More than 1 million units shipped monthly. Our huge orders are as many as containers. And small ones as small as several CTNs. We are able to handle them and no mistakes.

Experience in brand building
Besides the manufacturing and shipping, we are experienced in private label products. Lider Industrial Ltd can design packages, barcodes and more! We will use our experince from serving big giants as Target, Samsung etc to serve thoese who want to build their own brands and provide one stop service.

Professional QCs Asssure Quality We Ship
Each factory with its own QCs for quality assurance.We also have extra QCs for ramdom checking in production and finished products. Lider will also inspect the phone accessories or other products when arrival of soucing items. This will make sure each item before shipping will be good.

Capable of Sourcing
Paying to the factory guy, he disappeared. You have fixed with him for the quality but everytime you receive the cargo with angry…Let us carry this. We will souce from our own special channels with our experience and have our own way to make you happy.

Lider Industrial Ltd
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